Dennis Hedke Family: Daughter Reasha, Dennis, Wife Annette, Son Jacob

Daughter Reasha, Dennis, Wife Annette, Son Jacob

I will serve by providing leadership through policy-making that advances the interests of all Kansans, focusing on local conditions, while limiting the scope of government.

Dennis is a native Kansan. Dennis was born in Manhattan, Kansas, graduated from Kansas State University in 1976, and has lived in the Wichita area for most of his life. Dennis and his wife, Annette, have been married since 1981 and are proud parents of daughter Reasha, and son Jacob.

Dennis is vested in Kansas. Dennis values Kansas as home for his family, and as the base for his business, a geoscience consulting partnership.

Dennis has leadership experience. Since being appointed to the Kansas House in January 2011, Dennis has served in multiple legislative committees: Veterans & Military Affairs, Commerce & Economic Development, Taxation, Education, and was appointed Chair of Energy & Environment after his first term.

Dennis cares about Kansans. Dennis supports the development of small businesses to create jobs for Kansans. He also wants to preserve the environment for future Kansans, and supports legislation that promotes appropriate stewardship of natural resources. Dennis believes children will build the future of Kansas and supports legislation that will promote educational improvements to prepare our children to advance Kansas for future generations. Finally, Dennis deeply respects the value of life and will work to create appropriate laws that protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Visit Dennis' Kansas Legislature page for information on his past work in the House.

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